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 Margie Langer is an eager and enthusiastic presence!  Her presentation to our teachers was both engaging  and informative.  She demonstrated how to effectively employ the Writing Workshop daily in the classroom and how to creatively weave it into the various curriculum areas, especially in the Middle School.  Margie's love for teaching writing is tangible, and through this, she built confidence in the teachers as they initiated this process in their own classrooms.

                                      Sister Mary Sue Carwile, IHM

                                      Principal, Saint James Catholic School

                                      Falls Church, VA

My daughter Emma was diagnosed with a bilateral profound hearing loss when she was one year old. She underwent cochlear implant surgery and she first responded to her name when she was about two. Compared to her hearing peers, her language development was delayed, so was her ability in reading comprehension and logical reasoning. Needless to say, writing is a big challenge for her. She was greatly blessed to have Margie Langer as her 1st,  2nd and 3rd grade teacher. I was amazed at how Margie Langer used instructional scaffolding to such a great extent that the students easily followed her guidance without even noticing they were learning the most difficult part of the language-- writing. They first collected and categorized the information, then started to write under her very structured guidance, step by step. Sometimes it took a few weeks, but the final print-outs of Emma's writing indeed surprised me often. Margie Langer  has a very sharp mind so she is able to clearly identify students' problems when they get stuck and then help them straighten out their thinking. This ability has provided important professional help for Emma.


                                                                            Jinhua, Emma's mother