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I think I would not like to go to the rainforest. One reason is it stinks in the rainforest. Dead animals, old leaves and wet mud covers the rainforest floor. Another reason is the rainforest is hot. In the rainforest the temperature rises very high because the rainforest stands on the equator. There are lots of insects there too. I would not like to go to the rainforest because there are lots of dangerous animals.

Student A      First Grade     3-18-15

I strongly believe that Pollution is the biggest problem for the ocean. Pollution is not just trash, there could be chemicals that farmers use for their plants, algae that are plants in the ocean and oil from people that drill in the ocean. Pollution is being dumped in the ocean every day from farms, factories, and people. All these kinds of pollution can kill animals and make plants die. The largest problem is that the Food Chain will not work anymore. A Food Chain is when a big fish eats a little fish. Consequently, people need to think more before they throw out trash in the ocean. All of us should not use plastic and cans every day. Think about others and say to yourself the ocean should be clean so our whole planet can be healthy.

Student A    Third Grade    3-19-17

This work illustrates 2 years of student's growth!

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Consistency in the rigor of assignments and in the expectations for the writer have made great growth possible!