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   Thoughts  from Colleagues

        Examples of Available Services

From  Ann Petrucelli,
Reading Specialist,
Rock Creek Valley Elementary School, Rockville, MD
Margie Langer is  instrumental in helping teachers self-assess, collaborate, and set clear, challenging goals that are consistent with the Common Core State Standards. She led teammates step by step to consider the authentic planning and decision making needed to weave a central message into a story.  Experiencing this as a writer, the second grade readers are better equipped to analyze the choices published authors have made by examining how the craft of the writing promotes a central message of the story.  This critical link between reading and writing is the rigor of the Common Core Curriculum.

Provides workshops for teachers of early elementary grades to assist them in designing lesson plans and planning instructional block.

From Kristi Jansen,

Supervisor of Curriculum and Instruction, Logan Township Schoo District, NJ

Margie Langer has served in the role of a writing consultant at Logan Township School District. She has provided our teachers with best practices in implementing the genres of writing as addressed by the Common Core Standards. Margie Langer uses her own classroom experience as a teacher in the primary grades as well as her professional development training as a Writing Fellow to provide our teachers with practical, research- based strategies in writing.

Works with teams to plan writing units, use curriculum to design grade appropriate lessons. Assists teams in planning step by step instruction to insure success for both teachers and students.

Assists teachers in the implementation of lesson plans especially in the format of Writers' Workshop. Works with individuals to help them

develop the necessary skills to create a successful Writers' Workshop in their classroom.

From Maricel Keeter,

Grade 5 Teacher,

Rock Creek Valley Elementary School,

Rockville, MD

Mentors are a critical component to help teachers manage the daily demands and challenges of the education profession. Margie Langer was not assigned to me through a formal mentoring program. Margie took it upon herself to mentor a teacher struggling to develop writing in her young students. From the start, Margie established a nonjudgmental dialogue, allowing us to have honest conversations about instructional practices, analysis of student work, and self-reflections. She supported my growth and development by spending most of our conversations in listening to me and asking questions. Through our ongoing collaborative sessions, she built my capacity to draw my own conclusions about how to have the greatest impact on student learning.